Risograph Zine-making + Poster Workshop


Learn how to make your own A6 Risograph zine and poster in just 1 session! Through this workshop, you’ll be able to create your very own themed zine and poster with using just markers, stencils and cut-outs. Upon completing your custom print and design, you’ll get to pick a combination of 2 colours from our palette and we’ll bring your creations to life!

The workshop fee is $70 SGD. Fees are inclusive of all materials that will be used – Printing supplies, materials, stationary, paper and printing inks etc. All participants will walk away with 5 copies of their Risograph printed zines.

Location: 14A Bali Lane 189850

To sign up, please fill up our workshop form.


Knuckles & Notch - We are a Risograph publishing and print studio based in Singapore. Our concept of exploring possibilities of print and colour often translates to a series of empirical productions with a hint of morbid humour. In collaboration with other creatives who are willing to push boundaries, we enlighten the public with bright colours and engage them into a waking dream. In addition to creating quirky works, we aim to provide anyone with a sense of aesthetics as an alternative to the conventional printing processes available. We dip towards working with those that seek to achieve effects that differ from mainstream printings.