Paper Type & Size

We have a wide range of papers with differences in texture, density and quality. Certain types of papers tend to work better with certain types of projects – we’d be happy to make a recommendation as to the best fit for your work; alternatively, should you have a specific type of paper in mind, do let us know!


File Set up

We’ll need the original artwork for all your prints: please send us your files in a .psd format as we are running Adobe CS6. For each layer of colour, please specify which riso colour you’d like us to print it in. You don’t need to match the exact colours in the document – naming them accordingly within the layers will suffice. Please also provide proofs of all your artwork.

Printable Area

The maximum printable area is 400mm x 277mm; and because the risograph printing technique cannot produce fully-bled artwork, please do leave a white border of at least 10mm all around.

Minimum Type Size

Generally speaking, a risograph printer will struggle to accurately reproduce very small type below 6pt.

Potential Imperfections

The nature of risograph – given that it was intended for single colour printing – is such that multiple colour printing always runs the risk of mis-registration. You could, of course account for this through bleeding and trapping. Keep in mind that the more colours you include in your print, the more it’ll have to pass through the risograph: this increases the chances of the roller leaving light tracks upon your work – and these stains, unfortunately can be very difficult to remove.

We also don’t recommend printing a large area of solid ink – most especially if your prints are double-sided (books, leaflets, magazines and such things). Perfectly backing up artwork is very difficult as well – do keep this in mind during the design process. If you’d like to use a larger area of colour, perhaps you’d like to consider 70-80% tints instead.

Binding & Finishing

We can facilitate most types of finishing for your project: Binding, foiling, embossing etc. Give us a call to find out what’s possible.


Knuckles & Notch - We are a Risograph publishing and print studio based in Singapore. Our concept of exploring possibilities of print and colour often translates to a series of empirical productions with a hint of morbid humour. In collaboration with other creatives who are willing to push boundaries, we enlighten the public with bright colours and engage them into a waking dream. In addition to creating quirky works, we aim to provide anyone with a sense of aesthetics as an alternative to the conventional printing processes available. We dip towards working with those that seek to achieve effects that differ from mainstream printings.