A Cylindrical Affair – Silkscreen Printing Workshop


For 4 years since we started Knuckles & Notch, we have collected every ink tubes we have used with our Riso machine with the belief that we would turn them into something useful one day. 
The time has come. In the spirit of sustainability, we are recreating the empty ink tubes into multi-functional cylinders that will be screen-printed on with your very own designs! Not only will you be part of our recycling endeavours, you will also learn the fundamental techniques of silkscreen-printing on paper as well as hard/ 15cm x 7cm cylindrical surface. The workshop will last for 3.5 hours and all materials will be provided.

Suitable for age 16 and up.

Workshop will be held at Knuckles & Notch Studio, 14A Bali Lane, Singapore 189850.

Workshop pax: Min 4, max 8
Duration: 3.5 hours for each session
Price: SGD 80.

To sign up, please fill up our workshop form.


Knuckles & Notch - We are a Risograph publishing and print studio based in Singapore. Our concept of exploring possibilities of print and colour often translates to a series of empirical productions with a hint of morbid humour. In collaboration with other creatives who are willing to push boundaries, we enlighten the public with bright colours and engage them into a waking dream. In addition to creating quirky works, we aim to provide anyone with a sense of aesthetics as an alternative to the conventional printing processes available. We dip towards working with those that seek to achieve effects that differ from mainstream printings.