Layers of Raw Delights - Risograph Workshop for Beginners

We believe that everyone has a creative side to them, however, life sometimes get in the way of that. Still, it’s important to indulge our creative needs once in awhile. And if you’re already a creative at heart, you can delve deeper with us in our Risograph workshops!
In our Layers of Raw Delights workshop, participants will explore shapes, forms and patterns through post-modern motifs with us. Participants can use pre-set geometric shapes created by us or make their own shapes to create their own one-of-kind artwork and see it come to life in Risograph print. 
As the beauty of Risograph printing lies in the imperfection and pop colours. It is an ideal, stress-free process for anyone looking for a break from perfection and monotony! Individuals don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by large scale artworks as well, as Risograph tend to cover small to medium sized print runs.  Sign up with us now!
Workshop goals:
  • Learn how layering and colour opacity affects your design.
  • Learn basic art composition with shapes and colours.

Workshop objectives:

  • Using different materials, colours and shades to understand opacity.
  • Using geometric shapes to understand composition in design and art.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Introduction to composition in art and design.
  • Basic introduction to Risograph printing.
  • Two 2-coloured, A3-sized Risograph prints x 5 per participant.
  • A new skill!

Suitable for ages 16 and up.

All printing materials will be provided. 

Workshop will be held at Knuckles & Notch Studio, 261 Waterloo Street, #02-25, Singapore 180261

Workshop pax: Min 5, max 5
Duration: 2 hours for each session
Price: SGD 80.

To sign up, please fill up our workshop form.


Knuckles & Notch - We are a Risograph publishing and print studio based in Singapore. Our concept of exploring possibilities of print and colour often translates to a series of empirical productions with a hint of morbid humour. In collaboration with other creatives who are willing to push boundaries, we enlighten the public with bright colours and engage them into a waking dream. In addition to creating quirky works, we aim to provide anyone with a sense of aesthetics as an alternative to the conventional printing processes available. We dip towards working with those that seek to achieve effects that differ from mainstream printings.